Executive Coaching

Equipping leaders with language and confidence to navigate anti-bias discourse and lead institutional change that makes a difference.   

1:1 Executive Coaching

Personalized identification of learning edges, racial literacy development, and support navigating real-time diversity challenges.

Services include weekly video chats, personalized curriculum to increase literacy regarding race and other dimensions of diversity, review of diversity & bias-related messaging, trouble shooting challenges, preparing for difficult discussions, and more.

Symmetrical Team Coaching

Working with leadership teams, collective coaching can guide leaders through personal and institutional assessment and growth.

Services include customized curriculum, trainings, by-weekly video calls, in-person strategic assessment planning, mediating diversity-related group discord, and more.


White Allyship


No one wants to commit microaggressions, no one wants to be a "Karen", and most people want to SUPPORT people with marginalized identities, but who teaches the nuances of how to truly be an ally? 


Through weekly calls, personalized curriculum, and guided self-reflection we can help you navigate the diversity of your life and career. 

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BIPOC Coaching

Navigating microaggressions, stereotype threat, imposter syndrome, and experiences of marginalization make it difficult to bring your authentic self into spaces, and advocate for inclusion. 


Through coaching, you can identify opportunities for interrupting institutional bias, self-growth and empowerment, and personal agency to resist the everyday oppression that permeates the workplace.


*Black, Indigenous & People of Color 

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