Identifying Readiness & Opportunities for Growth

The needs of the organization will be identified and reported back to leadership through specialized surveys, focus groups, identification & engagement of key stakeholders. Facilitation of safe spaces to open dialogue will allow for the identification of needs and areas for growth, in order to prepare for change.


Trainings and Workshops

Creating Opportunities for Learning and Healing

Trainings and workshops ranging from 90 minutes to full-day on various topics, including:

  • Unconscious Bias & Racial Microaggressions in Health Care 

  • Inclusion & Equity for LGBTQIA populations

  • Health Inequities: How Were They Created, and Why Do They Persist? 

  • Creating and Facilitating Safe & Brave Spaces

  • Structural Competency

  • Deconstructing Race & Racism in Medicine and Health Care


Curriculum Development

Curating Courses and Teaching Tools

Online and in-person courses and learning modules can be curated to meet the needs of any organization. Teaching materials, facilitator guides, and train-the-trainer sessions are also available. 


Speaking Engagements

Informing, Inspiring, and Initiating Growth

Talks and keynote speeches have addressed a broad array of topics including: 

  • Race and Racism in Health Care

  • Social Determinants of Health 

  • LGBTQIA Inequities & Inclusion

  • Moving Beyond Cultural Competence

  • Sexual Imperialism

  • Economic Development and Youth Empowerment

  • Self-Definition and Determination for Women of Color

  • Black Empowerment: Past, Present & Future

  • Police Brutality as a Public Health Crisis

  • Historical Trauma & Health Inequities

  • African-Centered, Holistic Healing from Sexual Trauma

  • Black Community & Medical Research: Exploring the Impact of Abuses of the Black Community in the Era of HIV

  • Racism and Hate Crimes: A Public Health Perspective

  • Racism, Mass Incarceration & Health Inequities


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